Warts and All

When was the last time someone told you the absolute truth… about you? Seriously… Warts and all?

This is quite a daunting question for most people because however well we think we know ourselves and however good our standing in the outside world, we can’t see what we can’t see by looking out from our own perspective.

As an FCA authorised firm, having the right Compliance Consultant is a bit like choosing your best friend:

Do you want a friend who is going to tell you only what you want to hear and leave you to the mercy of the wider world and to the FCA? Or do you want someone who is not only good to be around but is also ‘watching out for you’ and telling you not just what you want to hear but need to hear?

Seeking external Compliance Consultancy that will support your firm to attain and / or maintain its FCA authorisation might seem a little out of the ordinary at first, and yet it is often the best ‘health check’ that you can give your business. This is because it means having a dialogue with someone to help to understand the whole of your business – your structure, your people, your strategy for future business growth and change – in short, it’s the friend you hoped your business would always have.

Compliance staff within your business will usually make sure that your policies and procedures are set up and reviewed and that things are being actioned; they can help to ‘police’ your business. But a good Compliance Consultant will proactively make sure that the right things are being actioned, proactively managed and that you focus your business efforts in all the right places. After all, you want to ensure that in the eyes of the FCA and the Financial Services community at large, you are an examplar member of the business community.

Now, who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

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